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Entrepreneurial Brain Expert Programme: The WNYLE Method

The FIRST Method created to Teach YOUR BRAIN to ENTREPRENEURING with POWER - With Vik Perz, the creator of the WNYLE Method


What you will Learn

  • You will be able to harness the power of your subconscious to reprogram your brain with high-value entrepreneurial beliefs 


  • You will expand your Creative Thinking to maximize your brain's ability to generate business ideas with planetary potential

  • You will improve your Perception capacity so that your brain is able to identify business opportunities that others will not be able to spot

  • You will condense the immense energy contained in your Emotions to accelerate your entrepreneurial success

  • You will learn a set of high-impact techniques to train your brain to act quickly and efficiently

  • 100% virtual

  • 100% asynchronous

  • Attainable in 3 months


  • No prior knowledge or skills required

  • Computer with internet connection

  • Commitment to applying the acquired knowledge and techniques


Hello, I am Vik Perz, leader of the WNYLE Institute, entrepreneurship researcher, and international expert in Neuro-Entrepreneurship.

With the backing of the WNYLE Institute, a Finnish think tank with over two decades of experience in entrepreneur education, I am glad to introduce you to our "International Entrepreneurial Brain Expert Program," where I will teach you how to develop and enhance the performance of your entrepreneurial brain.

The International Entrepreneurial Brain Expert Program is the FIRST Method designed to Teach YOUR BRAIN to become POWERFULLY ENTREPRENEURIAL.

The Entrepreneurial Brain Expert Program, known also as the WNYLE Method, is the ONLY method that focuses on enhancing your Entrepreneurial brain from scratch.

Existing traditional methodologies, such as the Lean-Start-Up, Business Model Canvas, and the like, are insufficient, very limited, and in a certain way obsolete. I tell you this straight, because these approaches do not consider the 'brain' as the epicenter of all the actions of an entrepreneur.

Now, being the brain, the organ that generates ALL of your decisions, actions, subconscious beliefs, reasoning, problem solving and perceptual funtions, even your emotions, it is obvious that there is a need  for a new method that focus on the ENTREPRENEURIAL ENHANCEMENT of the mother organ of every entrepreneur = YOUR BRAIN.

Our Method is the only one with a FOCUS on empowering YOUR BRAIN to help you to develop KEY cognitive and affective skills for your personal and entrepreneurial success. I say this because the improvement of your brain power can possitively impact ​your quality of  life.

The Entrepreneurial Brain Expert Programme - WNYLE Method, is made up of six modules based on scientific evidence, aimed at ENHANCING the entrepreneurial performance of your brain from ZERO.

At the end of the expert programme:

  • You will enhance the POWER of your SUBCONSCIOUS to reprogram your brain with high-value entrepreneurial beliefs

  • You will improve your ability to PERCEIVE so that your brain is able to identify business opportunities that others will not be able to spot 

  • You will expand your DISRUPTIVE THINKING to maximize your brain's ability to generate business ideas with planetary potential

  • You will condense the immense ENERGY contained in your EMOTIONS to accelerate your entrepreneurial success

  • You will learn a set of high impact TECHNIQUES to train your brain to act quickly and efficiently

The Entrepreneurial Brain Expert Program has been designed for people of all ages, interested in developing and enhancing the entrepreneurial capabilities of their brain.

And if it was not enough, I would lke to tell you that we have used a very powerful pedagogical approach known as Learning by Feeling or Learning with Emotions that combines visual elements (videos), auditory elements (music), reflections, empowering phrases, stories, entrepreneurial philosophy, and relevant scientific evidence.

It is all a pedagogical effort to ensure that you LEARN and ENJOY each one of the classes of the programme.

You do not need previous knowledge

Moreover, the Entrepreneurial Brain Expert Program is 100% virtual and asynchronic

All of this is within your reach TODAY, join the course NOW.

I can tell you, "The WNYLE Method" will mark a before and after in your personal and entrepreneurial growth.

Enjoy our sample classes, REGISTER, and be part of the Global Legion of Entrepreneurial Brains.

For whom it is?

  • People of all ages who are interested in enhancing the entrepreneurial capabilities of their brain

  • Potential and current entrepreneurs

  • Leaders

  • Entrepreneurship teachers and facilitators

  • Executives

  • Employees

  • Students

WNYLE Certification

The programme can be completed in two modalities:

  • International Certificate: The student obtains the International Entrepreneurial Brain Certificate from the WNYLE Institute plus 6 European Credits (ECTS).

       Requirements: Complete the tasks and evaluations of each module (minimum score 13/20).

  • International Expert Program: The student obtains the Entrepreneurial Brain International Expert Diploma from the WNYLE Institute + 30 European Credits (ECTS).

       Requirements: Complete the tasks and evaluations of each module (minimum score 15/20)  and                 elaborate an Entrepreneurial Action Plan.

 Contenido del Programa


Course warm-up

The Entrepreneur's Brain

What is Brain Training?

What are the Benefits of Brain Training?

The WNYLE method to enhance YOUR Entrepreneurial Brain

Why an Entrepreneurial Brain sees what others DO NOT?

Test to measure YOUR Entrepreneurial Potential


The Power of the Subconscious

The Subconscious and Wealth

The Enemy is Fear

Primers to enhance your Subconscious

Practice 1: Fear Elimination

Practice 2: Technique M

Test 1 to explore YOUR Subconscious

Test 2 to explore YOUR Subconscious

Answer Quiz 1

Answer Quiz 2

Entrepreneurial Reflection "Moksha"


The Power of YOUR Perception

How YOUR Entrepreneurial Brain Perceives?

What the Brain of an Entrepreneur Tells Us?

Practice 1: Exterior Visual Perception

Practice 2: Internal Visual Perception

Practice 3: External Auditory Perception

Practice 4: Internal Auditory Perception

Practice 5: Spatial Perception

Answer to Spatial Perception practice

Practice: The Entrepreneur and the Fisherman


The Power of Thought "D"

How to Generate Disruptive Thinkings

Practice Disruptive Thinking "D": Who is the man?

Practice Disruptive Thinking "D": The Fool

Practice Disruptive Thinking "D": Torrance 1

Practice Disruptive Thinking "D": Torrance 2

Practice: Do you Know why I'm Up?

Entrepreneurial Reflection: The Fool


The Power of Emotional Energy for the Entrepreneurial Brain

Where are the Emotions of an Entrepreneurial Brain?

Emotional Energy Boosting Strategy 1 + Practice

Emotional Energy Boosting Strategy 2 + Practice

Emotional Energy Boosting Strategy 3 + Practice

Emotional Energy Boosting Strategy 4 + Practice

Emotional Energy Boosting Strategy 5 + Practice

Entrepreneurial Reflection: Your and Fear


The Power of Action for the Entrepreneurial Brain

Reaction Time

Reaction Time + Practice

Brain Processing speed

Brain Processing Speed + Practice


Entrepreneurial Enhancement, Neuro-Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Learning, Entrepreneurship Education, Cognitive Training, Brain-driven Entrepreneurship

About me

Vik Perz is an Author and International Expert on Neuro-entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Enhancement.

Vik is a specialist in the application of cutting-edge methods based on neurosciences to promote the improvement of entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurial performance. He has coined this new line of research as 'Brain-Driven Entrepreneurial Enhancement'.

Dr. Pérz is the leader of the WNYLE Institute and the creator of the 'Entrepreneurial Brain Method', known also as the WNYLE Approach, the first training method to enhance the entrepreneurial mindset from scratch.

International experience

Before leading WNYLE, he worked as Associate Expert and Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Division of Technology, Investment and Business Development at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Switzerland.

Víctor has a Postdoctorate in the area of ​​Neuro-entrepreneurship (University of Kobe, Japan), a Ph.D. in Economics and Business Administration (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), a Master in Policy Management and International Political Economy (University of Tsukuba, Japan) and Master in Education (Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland).


Dr. Pérez has specialized in entrepreneurship, leadership, psychology, neuroscience, education, pedagogy, innovation, and economic development at institutions such as Cambridge University, Harvard University, Växjö University (Sweden), Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Japan), Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​University of Helsinki (Finland), University of Jyväskylä (Finland), UN Merit Maastricht (Netherlands), Aalborg University (Denmark), Louis Pasteur University (France), Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal ), United Nations Center for Regional Development (UNCRD, Japan), SME Unit of the International Labor Organization (ILO, Italy), Mount Carmel Golda Meier International Center (Israel), American Leadership Institute (USA), Investment and Business Development Agency (Czech Republic), World Forum of Nobel Laureates in Lindau (Germany), AF Group (Sweden and China), the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies, among others.

Conferences and Teaching

In addition to teaching, researching and writing, he is a speaker at various international forums organized by institutions such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the Weitz Center for Development Studies (CERUR) in Israel, the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER, Finland), the Japan Society for Neurosciences (Japan), Columbia University ( USA), the University of Dortmund (Germany), the Finnish Youth Research Society, the International Civic Education, the Creando Foundation (Switzerland), the Global Leaders Forum (GLF), the International Management Center Europe- Amerique (CMEAL, France), Oikos International (Switzerland), the Association for Academic Training (Netherlands), the World Forum on Urban Poverty, FIPU (Morocco), the Rural Youth Leaders World Forum (Germany), among others.

Investigation and development

Currently, Dr Perz is dedicated to exploring new mechanisms to enhance the cognitive and emotional abilities of entrepreneurs with the use of neuroscience technologies.

 $ 497 USD  (USD)

The program includes:

  • 50 video-on-demand lessons

  • +30 downloadable resources

  • 100% virtual and asynchronous

  • For now PC access only 

  • Double modality of WNYLE International Certification

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